A Fine Evening To Start A Blog

I sit here feeling overly, yet soberly, blitzed. Is 1:00am on a Monday evening the best time to start my blog? Probably not. But they do say let inspiration take the lead..  so lets hope my stomach will be forgiving with the level of caffeine consumed tomorrow.

Hola! I’m Emily! I’m currently a second year student, studying Business Management – a degree course increasingly mind boggling yet somehow useful in securing a desperate future in today’s hyper competitive world. 

However, I don’t plan on blogging about university, being a student or the fluctuation in prices for super noodles – I have my cats to rant to about that. The reason I have started this blog is because I love music. Taking into account the ridiculous time this post will eventually go up its no surprise that i’m already flaking in creativity so I will let my future posts do the talking! 

I will be delving into classic records as well as discussing new and upcoming artists – expect album and gig reviews as well as general news concerning musical shizzle that you may or may not find interesting, but I hope you do.

For a first post i’m hoping this isn’t too shoddy – the quality of writing generally improves when both my eyes remain open.

Rock Off and Rave On!

☮ ✌



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