Undoubtedly I’m not the only human with a playlist of my favourite tracks that I listen to everyday, whether walking/taking the train/bus.  My ‘favs’ playlist is updated about as frequently as there arnt delays on the tube, but I’ve put this down to the fact that the majority of songs are classics – the likes of Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind’, The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sweet Jane’ and The Hollies ‘Bus Stop’ have sat in my bank of much-loved tracks for a long time. Newer additions include Catfish & The Bottlemen’s ‘Tyrants and Trippin’, The Libertine’s ‘Gunga Din’ and Cage The Elephant’s ‘Aberdeen’.

So in a slight bUrSt of enthusiasm (and because revision isn’t happening) here are some of the great benefits to listening to music whilst walking and out and about – a theme stemming from procrastination at its finest, but hopefully a short, pleasant read nonetheless!

giphy (4)

Farewell sad thoughts – maybe I’m just making the most of my last few months as a teenager (cue 20 years old.. *responsibilities*) but if I’m on my own for a long period of time I start, for no reason whatsoever, thinking about life and feeling incredibly sorry for myself. HOWEVER, the plot twist here is that when I listen to music my mood not only changes in 0.5 seconds, making me feel like a petulant child for formerly fostering the attitude of a 13 year old, but I also feel more motivated to remain positive. Of course this depends on the type of music you’re listening to – as much as I worship the Queen, listening to any Adele album could be considered a fatal move if you experience common ‘pitiful episodes’ as myself. So here are some of my ‘pick-me-up’s’ – they actually sit in a category each because my mood swings have a scale of 1-1000.

The world is wonderful pick-me-up:  ‘Beauty In The World’ – Macy Gray

I want out of this degree/job/queue in Starbucks:  ‘Everybody’s On The Run’ – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

My reflection in that car was NOT what I saw 5 minutes ago in the mirror:   ‘I’ – Kendrick Lamar

My boss was mean to me: ‘Roll With It’ – Oasis

This train is sizzling, I neeeeed a holiday:  ‘Summer Breeze’ – The Isley Brothers

I’d rather sit and wait for the new GOT season than go out tonight:  ‘Let’s Dance’ – David Bowie

I’ve never been to Hawaii, I must go there someday: Anything by The Beach Boys

♫ Time ♪ Goes ♫ By ♪ So ♫ Slowly ♪ Your journey becomes a matter of songs, not minutes or miles. It’s the small things in life that bring happiness – super noodle discounts in Tesco, the bus arriving just as you do, Nigel Farage failing to make it into power and knowing that by the time you’ve played 5 of your beloved melodies you will have arrived at your destination (I’m aware this is my deluded logic and in all probability is not a generic thing). Even when walking from A to B it’s pleasantly surprising how quickly time passes – not that I go out of my way to walk anywhere but I hear it’s an effective time passer. I’m not suggesting that on every journey it’s necessary to pass the time so quickly; sometimes it’s nice (and bloody necessary) to take a minute and BREATHE – assisted by the pacifying chords of smooth jazz or the sounds of nature… some say.


Although, there isn’t anything much worse than pulling into your drive and your song starts playing on the radio… I can’t be the only one who remains in my seat until the song is over – the next time that same song will come on will most likely be in 20 years on the future Radio 2.





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