🎶 Opportunities & fAv TrAcKs 🎶

It’s funny how when one starts a blog its initial purpose is to be the forefront of a grand and story-like project in which readers are inundated with material about your life or a genre that interests both parties, thus connecting people from different regions, geographically and in ways of life. The reality however, is less so.

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SO, I’m awful at updating my blog – in my defence however I have been rather busy working and visiting family/friends (which are normalities for the average human I understand, but I still have one more year of being a student so the allovertheplaceness will proceed for another few months).

In recent months I’ve been interning at music PR company, home from uni for the summer, unpaid, of course. It seems the music industry isn’t interested unless you’re willing to make sacrifices, like not being paid or travelling an hour and half each way 5 days a week on the bloody tube. And you know what, I’m all for it. I had a number of friends tell me I’m mad as well as ennobling for committing myself to this internship but that made me even more eager to complete it. To say I am more than happy to make sacrifices for my career is an understatement. I KNOW that the music industry isn’t a walk in the door and instantaneously get a job type of industry – but that’s why I love it. I mean, if you get a good job straight away in an area which firstly you know nothing about and secondly that you don’t deserve then how on any god’s earth can you experience that feeling of self-satisfaction; I’m talking about that spirit you feel on results day when you get the grades you worked endlessly for or when you ace an interview. Fortunately, in the music industry you meet a whole range of amazing and very sociable personalities, who naturally enliven your day to day working life, but its extremely rare that you find a slacker – the majority of people I have met all started out as interns, or at the bottom of the spectrum in some form.

I’m honoured to be working my way up my own little spectrum. Not everyone gets the opportunity to self-progress in the same way I’ve been granted so when kicking back (glass or bottle  of wine in hand) my thoughts often start to provoke me; it seems that I most certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today or be faced with the opportunities I’ve been challenged with if I hadn’t been raised in a certain area, studied at a certain school and had certain people in my life – each of these, in my early life anyway, I didn’t have a say on. And sure, this gave me a great stepping stone upon which to decipher my ‘path’ or whatever you want to call it… but it appears that unless a jump is made at some point in life then a ‘co-path’ is never created. My poor Mum used to worry her fluffy socks off about the state of the job market, but I think now she’s more confident that I can somehow find my way through life… maybe one day I’ll buy her that expensive spa weekend I promised when I was 10 years old: “When I’m rich I will buy you a reaaaaly realllyyyy expensive spa weekend so you don’t feel stressed anymore” – I actually remember saying this.. maybe she would just like the food shop done every once in a while…  ONE DAY MUM X

It’s SUPER cliche but SUPER true that opportunities arise from all over the place and the best thing to do is just to go for it… if it doesn’t work out then what do you lose.. NOTHING! You only gain by learning and experiencing new things. But anyways, this is only what I’ve learnt over the past few months and it seems to have served me fairly well 🙂

I will, however, ask you to think of me as I take on 3 jobs this year, as well as my degree, at university – lets hope i don’t crack like an egg.


This time round I’m just going to go for songs that I’ve been LOVIN recently, whether on the tube, on a 6 hour coach from devon (SOS) or generally being a lil bee and flying about the place – so here we go!

Runnin’ in the wind

No judging – Oliver Sykes is a dreamboat

Never bores


Rest in Peace lads x

I’m hearing electro Neil Young n lovin it

This guy is all i need

Chill & unheard

Girl power 

Rock Off and Rave On!




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